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Wood & Wood offers insightful and thoughtful advice and legal documentation for wills, trusts, and probate. 

Do you doubt that you have an “estate”?  A great percentage of people who consider themselves average middle-class Americans have assets they fail to consider when postponing or ignoring estate planning or will preparation. It’s good and desirable to have legal help in identifying what those assets might be and in arranging for their distribution “down the road.”

Our clients are always relieved once their plans have been made and their intentions are “on paper.”

At the very least, everyone needs to have a will, updated and current throughout their lives. Some people get nervous or superstitious about making plans for what will transpire after their death, but please do not hesitate to plan for your estate while you’re in good health or even young. Every lawyer can tell you horror stories about what happens in families where such plans have not been made.

Making good plans and arrangements will ensure that your assets are well managed while you’re still alive and appropriately distributed after your death. Planning allows for the orderly administration and disbursement of the assets and treasures you have worked hard to acquire. Some of the elements of your estate plan include a will, a power of attorney, an advance medical directive, and for some clients, a trust.

Planning for the future is crucial, and making or updating your will is a good place to start. Call for an appointment with Wood & Wood today.

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